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Meetings are being held by electronic means.  See instructions below for  information on how to join. They are open to the public until specific cases are discussed towards the end of the meeting.  Agenda items typically include a caseload status report, board assignments, information on upcoming conferences and training sessions and a budget report.


Our last Board meeting was held at 9 am on September 14, 2020.  The Board met to elect a Board Chair and give an update on video hearings and meetings.  There was also discussion on the status of cases, Board member assignments for hearings, VLRB budget, legislation, discussion on Executive Director job description,  and planning for the Executive Director retirement and transition.  This meeting was conducted by electronic means.   Members of the public could attend the meeting by audio by telephoning the meeting call-in number: (802) 552-8456 and then, when prompted to provide a conference ID, entering 13301127#.   Members of the public could attend the meeting by video and audio by telephoning the Labor Relations Board at (802) 828-2700 and requesting a Microsoft Teams invitation to attend the meeting. 


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