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The Vermont Labor Relations Board administers the Vermont State Employees Labor Relations Act ( 3 V.S.A. Section 901 et seq., enacted in 1969), Vermont Judiciary Employees Labor Relations Act, 3 V.S.A. Section 1010 st seq., the Vermont State Labor Relations Act (21 V.S.A. Section 1501 et seq., enacted in 1967), the Vermont Municipal Employee Relations Act (21 V.S.A. Section 1721 et seq., enacted in 1973), and the Vermont Labor Relations For Teachers Act (16 V.S.A. Section 1981 et seq., enacted in 1969).

The Board, similar to other state labor relations boards, determines appropriate bargaining units, conducts union representation elections, and adjudicates unfair labor practice charges in cases involving relations between employers and employees under the Board’s jurisdiction - i.e., State of Vermont, Vermont State Colleges, University of Vermont, municipalities, school districts, and small private operations. In addition to this traditional work of labor relations boards, the VLRB, unlike other state labor relations boards, also arbitrates grievances of employees under the State Employees Labor Relations Act. The Board makes final determinations on grievances of employees of the State of Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges and the University of Vermont. The Board also provides assistance in resolving negotiations impasses under the State Employees Labor Relations Act, and decides various other types of appeals pursuant to miscellaneous statutory provisions.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency situation, the Labor Relations Board is relaxing its normal filing requirements to allow electronic filing of any petitions, grievances, unfair labor practice charges and all other materials until further notice.  Documents may be sent as an e-mail attachment to  Please call 802-828-2700 if you have questions.

                   Job Opening for Executive Director Position

The Labor Relations Board Executive Director will be retiring in the spring and the Board is initiating the process to replace him.   A law degree is required as a minimum requirement for the position and experience in labor relations is strongly preferred.   E-Mail cover letter, resume and writing sample that best reflects your ability for the position to by December 11, 2020.  For more information see below. 

Executive Director Job Posting

Executive Director Job Description