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Grievances In General

The VLRB has jurisdiction to resolve employee grievances under the State Employees Labor Relations Act. The Board has jurisdiction to "hear and make final determination on the grievances" of State employees, State Colleges employees and University of Vermont employees.[1] Although the statute provides that the VLRB shall make "final determination" on grievances, Board decisions are appealable "on questions of law" to the Vermont Supreme Court.[2]

These links will primarily address general considerations that apply in grievances filed with the Board. There also is a discussion on the Vermont Arbitration Act, which applies in cases where unions and employer submit grievances to an arbitrator, rather than the VLRB.

It should be noted that, even though these links on grievances primarily involve cases where the forum for grievance resolution is the VLRB, parties who submit their grievances to arbitrators rather than the VLRB may benefit from the guidance provided in VLRB cases on specific issues which they may be confronting. 


Practices and Procedures in Resolving Grievances

Definition of a Grievance

"Actual Controversy" Requirement

Former Employee Filing Grievance

Class Action Grievances

Timeliness Requirements

Duty to Provide Information During Grievance Process

Contract Construction

Vermont Arbitration Act


[1] 3 V.S.A. §926.

[2] 3 V.S.A. §1003.