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Revised Guide to Vermont Labor Relations Statutes-The Guide has been revised for the 24th time so that it is updated through December 2020.  The purpose of the Guide is to keep practitioners before the Board fully abreast of case law precedents and statutory provisions.  The Guide makes the statutes and contracts that the Board administers easily accessible to all practitioners. 

The Guide contains:

  • Copies of Vermont labor relations statutes
  • Subject index of all Vermont Labor Relations Board opinions covering 1977-2020
  • Alphabetical index of all Board opinions covering 1977-2020
  • Subject index of Vermont Supreme Court public sector labor relations decisions through 2020
  • Digest of all Vermont Supreme Court decisions on appeals of Board decisions through 2020
  • Rules of Practice of Vermont Labor Relations Board


The Evolving Vermont Labor Relations Law, 5th Edition - The purpose of this treatise is to present Vermont labor relations practitioners with a comprehensive treatment of statutory, case law and administrative developments impacting labor relations in the state. It is authored by Board Executive Director Timothy Noonan. This fifth edition is updated through the end of March 2021.  It updates case precedents and other developments since the fourth edition was released in 2018. It combines the discussion on case law precedents in substantive areas of the law, and Board practices and procedures, in one integrated publication. Further, there is extensive discussion on the historical development of Vermont labor relations acts and the administration of the acts by the Labor Relations Board.

2019-2020 Volume of Board Opinions (Volume 35) Permanently Bound

  • All opinions issued by Board from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020
  • 2019 and 2020 Annual Reports
  • Unions certified 2019 and 2020

(2019 - 2020 Opinions also are available on our website:

Past Volumes of Board Opinions - Past volumes of Board Opinions, covering the years 1977 through 2018, are available to purchase in soft-covered or permanently bound editions. (These opinions also are available on the Board website:

The Volumes, the Guide and The Evolving Vermont Labor Relations Law allow you to remain fully abreast of substantive and procedural developments under Vermont labor relations law. If you already have an earlier version of the Guide, order the INSERTS only.

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