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Act Administration

The Vermont Labor Relations Board ("VLRB") is the agency responsible for administering Vermont labor relations statutes, with the exception that the Board does not resolve unit determination questions or conduct representation elections under the Teachers Act, although it does hear unfair labor practice charges involving teachers. The Board determines appropriate bargaining units, conducts representation elections, and adjudicates unfair labor practice charges in cases involving relations between employers (State, State Colleges, University of Vermont, municipal employers, school districts and small private employers) and their employees; and in regard to the State of Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges and the University of Vermont, makes final determination on employee grievances and provides assistance in resolving negotiations disputes. VLRB decisions can be appealed directly to the Vermont Supreme Court on questions of law.1

The administration of the Vermont labor relations statutes by the Board is discussed in this section. The substance of Board decisions, and the specific practices and procedures of the Board, are addressed in subsequent sections and are not the focus here. Instead, this section presents a chronological overview of general caseload and workload developments, Board members and staff, significant statutory changes impacting the Board’s operations, appeals of Board decisions to the Vermont Supreme Court, and educational and research services provided by the Board to labor relations practitioners.

1 3 V.S.A. §1003 and §1043; 21 V.S.A. §1623(c) and §1729(c).